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Using w3rocks, you have the ability to discover and capture leads, send an unlimited number of drip campaign emails, and increase sales.

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Email prospecting tools

We offer a package that includes a variety of lead generation tools, which you can utilize to grow your business.

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Our tools are designed to help your business attract new leads and customers so you concentrate on what matters to you.

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We provide unlimited access to all of our software without any limits and with no additional charges per lead.

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Our Tools

Our top 10 tools

A collection of software applications designed to work together seamlessly and provide a comprehensive lead generation solution.

Find New Leads from a List of Companies or Domains

Our enrichment data software enables you to find new leads from a list of companies or domains. It is ideal for companies, sales teams, and growth hackers. This tool can help you generate leads for cold emailing and provides business leads information. You can export the leads directly to csv, along with business data.

Extract Leads from a List of Domains

With our lead extractor, you can upload a list of domains and extract leads from all pages of each website. Once all the leads are extracted, you can download a report in csv format. This is the best solution for extracting all leads from a list of websites (companies).

Upload List of Name, Company or Domain and Find Leads

Our tool allows you to upload a CSV with information such as first name, last name, and company name or domain, and it will try to find the details of each contact. This tool is perfect for discovering leads from a list of business data.

Chatbot Solution to Convert Visitors into Leads

Our chatbot solution helps you convert visitors into leads by automatically chatting with them and capturing their data. You can install a chatbot to collect information from your visitors, and the collected leads information can be sent to you.

Get All the Details of Newly Registered Websites Daily

Our daily dump of all domains created on the internet, which means all new companies, provides around +100K leads of new domains created each day with lead details. It's perfect for capturing new companies created on the internet and generating new leads from it.

Increase Reviews with our Review Management Tool

Our online review management technology allows you to install a simple widget on your website, which can increase reviews and encourage your visitors to write reviews about your website. It helps to increase real organic reviews by driving visitors to the review page.

Send Unlimited Emails with Our Email Campaign Tool

Our simple software allows you to create sequence campaigns for your customers, you can send newsletters. You can track opens, clicks, bounce, unsubscribe, replies. This gives you the power to do emailing campaigns at scale with high volume. You can design newsletters with the simple online editor.

API to Prevent Fake Email Registrations

Our API can help prevent fake email registrations on your website. Each time someone registers to your website, ping this API to verify if the email is correct and make sute it's not a disposable email.

Social Proof Widget to Display Notifications on Your Website

By installing our social proof notification widget on your website, you can generate and display notifications that show random messages to your visitors, and this helps increasing your sales and credibility.

Find Leads from Social Media

Our system can help you extract eads and contacts from B2B social media, find new leads in one click, and create targeted lists. You can find leads based on location, industry, company size etc.

CRM Tools

Use this tool to manage your interactions with potential customers. This tool developed with the aim of improving customer satisfaction, retention, and ultimately sales.

API & Integrations

Trigger events to a specific URL using your preferred application. Enhance your data by connecting other software. You can use Zapier or any preferred connector to link W3ROCKS with any other tool.


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