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it was called the Lotus ******

Is the lotus ****** a real ******?
No. The Lotus Hotel and ****** is a fictional place in the movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians!

Which ****** was used for a scene in the movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians?
the Lotus Hotel and ****** in Las Vegas

Where was the Percy Jackson lotus and ****** hotel filmed from in Las Vegas?
The lotus hotel and ****** was real. It was closed in the 70's. A movie set was made for Percy Jackson and the Olympians lighting thief

Location of lotus ****** in Percy Jackson?
The Lotus ****** is in Las vegas.

What theme does the island of the lotus eaters and Percy Jackson and the lightning thief have in common?
In the book, Percy Jackson and The Olympians The Lightning Thief Percy and his friends visit the Lotus Hotel and ******. In the book, there really is no relation to the lotus eaters except the name and they trick people into staying forever. In the movie, the Lotus Hotel waitresses serve Lotus flowers for guests to eat.

What is the name of the ****** in Percy Jackson?
the something lotus

What does Percy Jackson Eat in the Lotus ****** that makes him want to stay?
The Lotus Flower.

What are some parallels between Percy Jackson book 1 and The Odyssey?
Lotus ****** => Lotus eaters

Where does Percy Jackson find the third pearl in Lightning thief?
Percy Jackson and his friends find the 3rd pearl in the Lotus ******.

How does Percy Jackson get out of the Lotus ******?
His dad, Poseidon, spoke to him in his thoughts telling him to get out of there, so he grabs Grover and Annabeth and runs away from the Lotus ******.

What is the kid in the lotus ****** playing in the Percy Jackson movie?
the french connection

Is the lotus ****** real in the Percy Jackson movie?
yes, but it closed in 1978.

Where is the location of Lotus ****** in Percy Jackson?
The Lotus Inn Hotel & ****** did exist in Las Vegas, Nevada but was closed in 1978 and is now a Rodeway Inn.

What was the hotel that Percy Jackson stayed in for an hour but it turned out to be a week?
It was the Lotus Hotel and ******.

What are lotus cakes?
The lotus cakes are used for weddings and birthdays The lotus cake from percy jackson and the olympians were a type of drug(not neccecerly a drug) that was used to get them to stay forever.

What is the name of the car in the lotus ****** in Percy Jackson?
The car in the Lotus ****** & Hotel is infact called a Lotus! No Lotus has a back seat ... it's a Maserati 4200 GT. The corporate logo for Maserati is the Trident (Poseidon's Trident).

Is the lotus ****** real?
Lotus Inn ******: Closed in 1978, is now a Rodeway Inn so yes it WAS real but was closed and rick roiderion used it in his book Percy Jackson

What doe the lotus ****** in Percy Jackson represent?
the stop in time for hades children (or at least two of them)

What song is in the ****** - Percy Jackson?
In the Lotus ****** in the Percy Jackson movie they play the beginning of ***** Face by Lady Gaga and the chorus of TiK ToK by Ke$ha. The song playing as they enter the ****** & are walking through is A Little Less Conversation by Elvis.

Why does Percy Jackson go the Lotus Hotel and ******?
He just finds it by coincidence with his friends Grover and Annabeth. Then they are trapped.

What was the car in the ****** in Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief?
If I remember rightly it was a Lamborghini ! If I get what you mean it's the car that was drove out the front of the Lotus ****** it was not a lambo it was a maserati

Why did the Lotus ****** close?
It technically didn't. In the Percy Jackson Movie, Caesar's Palace ****** was used. Under any other circumstances, it doesn't exist.

Who were the lotus eaters from Percy Jackson and the Olympians?
The Lotus-Eaters were a group of people in Lydia (in Greek mythology) and once people entered their land, then they fed them lotus flowers in which they had a magic bean that made them forget their formal lives. This happened with Odysseus who lost some of his men there. Percy Jackson didn't eat a lotus flower in the book because they were probably mixed in with the cokes and such.

What are the three places the pearls were at in the Percy Jackson movie?
The garden statue shop, the Parthanon in Nashville, and in the Lotus Hotel and ****** in Vegas.

What was the song in the Lotus ****** in the Percy Jackson movie?
***** Face by Lady Gaga or TicToc by Kesha, can't remember which one :))

What ****** did they disguise as the lotus in Percy Jackson?
Based on location and the fact that it was missing, it was very likely that it was Caesar's Palace (quite fitting for the story, I suppose).

Is the lotus ****** really in greek mythology?
No it was not, this was just in the movie, however, there were people who were called the lotus eaters who lured people to their island, and when they were there, they would never wanted to leave. As Percy Jackson is a modern story about Greek Mythology i guess they modernized the Lotus Eater's island to the Lotus ******, the place that lured people so that they never wanted to leave

What was weird about the Lotus hotel on Percy Jackson and the Olympians?
What was weird about it was that you never wanted to leave and that it seemed that either time slowed down when you were in there, or it made time outside go on faster.

What flower does Percy eat in the ****** in The Lightning Thief?
lotus flower

Are the lotus flowers called lotus cakes in the Percy Jackson movie?
no there called lotus flowers

What did the lotus in Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief represent?
The lotus came from the old Greek legend of Jason and the Argonauts. In the legend, Jason and his sailors landed on an island with lotus flowers all over the place. Whoever ate the lotus flowers would forget who they were and what they were doing on the island in the first place. The Lotus ****** was a modernized version of this.

What is the Lotus ****** in Percy Jackson?
The Lotus Hotel and ****** is based off of a real life ****** in Las Vegas which closed in 1978 and a ficticious version appears in The Lightning Thief. The movie version is made so an hour in the ****** is a day in real life, you never get older or want to leave. Percy, Annabeth and Grover get stuck there but manage to leave when Percy realizes he's playing a game with someone from...

Is the Percy Jackson movie different than the book?
The movie has some really big events in the story but some are left out. Such as when Percy, Annabeth, and Grover are on their way to the Lotus ******, they leave out of how they road to the ****** in a semi with animals. Also in the book, the lightning bolt was a cylinder, and in the movie it is just a small lightning bolt.

What does Percy eventually realize about the Lotus Hotel and ****** in Las Vegas?
That it was cray cray

Does Percy Jackson drive to the lotus hotel?
no grover does

What is the real name of the ****** oyun (www.casinooyunlarionline.com) featured in Percy Jackson?
It's called the Lotus ******!In which he gets trapped in because it is so awesome there. personally if i were just a mortal not a half blood i would so stay in this hotel. I mean who wouldnt? Its has every thing you can think of!

What was the settings of Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief?
Many places!

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